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August 10, 2006

SNMP on a cisco 6509 and intermapper

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at my work we use [tag]InterMapper[/tag] to monitor all our equipment. I was trying to get the [tag]SNMP[/tag] probe it has for [tag]cisco[/tag] equipment to work with our Cisco [tag]6509[/tag] switch, but apparantly cisco decided that it would be fun to use completely differant OIDs for that line of [tag]switches[/tag]. so I spent hours yesterday trying to get it to work.

Sure, cisco has a nice repository of all the [tag]MIBs[/tag] for all their equipment, but they are all uncompiled and missing the actual OIDs.

Granted I am not nearly as familiar with SNMP stuff as I would like to be, but come on.

Look at the number of mibs available just for the 6500 series:

All I am looking for is the CPU load and the amount of memory available. For the 5 second CPU Load according to the MIB file this is what I need:

SYNTAX Gauge32 (1..100)
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS deprecated
"The overall CPU busy percentage in the last 5 second
period. This object obsoletes the busyPer object from
the OLD-CISCO-SYSTEM-MIB. This object is deprecated
by cpmCPUTotal5secRev which has the changed range of
value (0..100)."
::= { cpmCPUTotalEntry 3 }

Part of the fine is the deprecation chain. As you can see in the mib excerpt, cpmCPUTotal5sec was deprecated by cpmCPUTotal5secRev. If you go to the cpmCPUTotal5secRev section, it says it was deprecated by cpmCPUTotalMonInterval, which when you go to that section. But of course the only one of those that is actually in our version of the 6509 is cpmCPUTotal5sec.

Anyway, It sure would be nice if the OID was listed in that mib file. Then I find this file:

One of the lines says:
"cpmCPUTotal5sec" ""

So I should be all set now right? no.

This might be an issue with our version of intermapper, because if I use snmpwalk like this:

snmpwalk -O -v 2c -c CommunityName IPAddress

I get this result:
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = Gauge32: 21

It sure looks like that should work. I get a value and everything! So I write the custom SNMP probe for InterMapper with the 3 OIDs I want to watch. But none of them work, InterMapper claims none of those OIDs are available in the switch. Of course snmpwalk disagrees. So I figure I just completely messed up writing the probe.

So this morning I come into work figuring I would give it a fresh go. I happened to be looking through the options for snmpwalk, and notice the “-O n” option, which prints out the OID numerically. Which returns:
. = Gauge32: 21

So apparantly, my problem the whole time was that InterMapper wants the OID to look like this:
Instead of this:

Not sure what the .9 at the end does, but go figure… It sure would be nice to just make the OID available in the first place. without jumping through so many hoops.

For anyone that cares, These are the OIDs that seem to make the most sense:

cpmCPUTotal5sec .
cpmCPUTotal1min .
cpmCPUTotal5min .

Memory stuff

CPU/Process stuff

InterMapper Cisco 6500 Probe:


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